Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiles, carpets and McDonald Jones

Last weekend we got a rough quote drawn up for our chosen house: The Bordeaux from McDonald Jones. All looks good, we will be receiving a more accurate quote tomorrow.

We were told that it would be wise to sign a contract in December, as there is going to be a 2% increase next year (aprox $4k) - and there is a secret special about to launch which will save us $4000 in a week or so :)

For a 100% perfect quote we need to wait until the land is ready to be surveyed (est. end of December) - but the difference should only be minor.

Given that we have $27/M2 for tiles to our 'wet' area's (bathrooms, laundry) we were at Di Lorenzo tiles today to see our selections. The basic selections were OK, but I think we will spend a little extra on getting a tile we like. We are looking for a mushroom type tile for the floors but are still relatively undecided. The tiles we liked were $35/M2, which is not too much extra.

We are still disillusioned by the carpet choice - they all look very similar, and I think we will only be able to pick once our other colours are sorted out. Anyway - its early days, and we are just wanting to get a basic idea before we sit down with McDJ to make final selections.

We have another meeting scheduled with our mortgage man on Wednesday to keep him updated on proceedings. Given that westpac have increased rates well above the reserve bank rates, I'm getting a little nervous about what lies ahead in terms of interest rates.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.