Monday, November 29, 2010


We did our usual rounds on the weekend and found that all our power point, lights and general electrics were mostly completed. This follows a hickup we had earlier in the week. Apparently the carpet we picked in February was unavailable, and the order in ETA was the end of January. Being only weeks off completion, that was not an option. So me made the journey to lockwood carpets at Moorebank and reselected 3 possible choices, to ensure that one would definitely be in stock!

Our experience at lockwood was.... colourful to say the least. Never the less we have a carpet ordered and it will be installed late next week. However, which carpet, is still a mystery.

The home theatre pre-wiring went in, and we had an addition of a tv aerial on our roof. All the doors have been fitted with handles. The lights have been installed with their standard fitting, so once we move in, we will get our own electrician to change them over to downlights and save $$$

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painted! - painting is complete

We took our regular saturday morning drive out to the house, hoping to catch a tradesman at work so we could gain entry and poke around. Lucky for us, we found several painters hard at work. By the time we had arrived, at least 80% of the paintwork was done. Apparently they started on Thursday. The internal walls are painted in Taubmans Pebble Bay, and the skirting are Crisp White. They also painted the eaves, drain pipes, front, laundry and internal doors, exterior cladding and the front feature wall. The kitchen benchtops are in, along with the benchtops in the bathrooms. The wet area tiling is all done and looks fantastic, cant wait to see the rest of the flooring complete. By sunday all the painting was completed.

Our builder has told us that they will have us in before christmas, a good 3 months early!
I had expected the front feature wall to be a dark red, but the colour is actually much ligher than expected (more than the photo shows).
Sometimes that small colour chart you have to choose from yeilds unexpected results!

We celebrated today by purchasing a lovely new leather lounge suite that should be available as soon as we move in.

Next: the bathroom fitting go in on thursday. After that the remaining items are the electricals, internal door handles, aircon, tiling and carpets for the bedrooms.

Below: Garage painted

Above: En-suite tiles
Below: Bathroom tiles

Below: before the front feature was completed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiling and Progress

We received a call on friday afternoon advising that we should be onsite saturday morning to review our tile selections, and make sure everything is correct.

After a slight delay (the tiler was an hour late), we got to see the tiles we selected so long ago. While we were waiting the bricklayers were out again to put bricks under the front and laundry doors. We took full advantage of our free pass inside the house, looking at all the work that had progressed while we were locked out. The bathroom cupboards are in, skirtings and window frames are done.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whose coming for dinner? We're at lockup!

We snuck out on Saturday night to take a look after hearing some gossip that they were installing the kitchen on Saturday morning. We found all the doors and windows firmly sealed. Using my trusty hand-powered torch provided by Landcom, we peered in and found the makings of a kitchen! - We also have a garage door which looks amazing, things are really rolling along quickly, and we are hoping that the "in before christmas" dream is a possibility.

The internal doors are coming along nicely, and they seem to be at least 70% done from what we could see.

Sunday morning rolls on, and after a few early morning purchases (new dining room table, a light fitting and some bar stools) - we snapped some shots of our house in the light. We managed to get one good picture of the kitchen through the dining room window.

The drain pipes have finally attached, we also have a front door, and we promise that both wont be aqua blue, when the house is done...

On a side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA.