Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walls, ceilings and tiles.

Progress on the insides! Today we visited the house to find that about 70% of the gyprocking completed and all of the insulation. The ceilings are all done as well! - The rooms are staring to take shape, and some appear bigger than expected. On the outside, the bricks have been cleaned and look fantastic. We are really happy with our colours - Cant wait to see the feature wall at the front completed.

On Friday, I got a call informing us that the tiles we selected for our bathrooms are no longer available. So today we headed off to ColourTile in wentworthville, who supply the tiles to McDonald Jones. The actual selection was a lot greater than McDonald jones offered at their selection centre. The salesman seemed to praise McDonald Jones, which is always a good thing.

Above: shot of me and the cleaned bricks. The box on the wall seems to be the telstra lead-lin for the house, although there seems to be more than just a phone line? foxtel perhaps?. After the fibre optic fiasco, we ended up getting copper in our street with a hope of fibre in the future. I figure the developers opted to save money by waiting for the NBN rollout rather than doing it themselves.

Above: Our bedroom with walk-in wardrobes for Anna (right) and me (left). On a side note, I'm planning to a lock and key on my side, haha.

Above: A picture of the main room, the wall at the end is the kitchen, middle - dining room, and the bit you cant see will be a lounge area.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Roof Completed

Another major milestone, our roof is 100% done. Although we haven't seen the final result in person, our lovely neighbours and site supervisor have been keeping us up to date. The whole process took about a week, even with all the rain that poured down. We cant wait to get out here to take a look for ourselves!

The guttering was all completed last week, but
bricks are still not quite completed. We ran out of bricks (twice) which slowed the process down as the brick layers moved on to other jobs. They were scheduled to be completed yesterday, but with all the rain we had during the week, they were too water-logged to continue. In the end, it didn't matter as the roof took over where the brickwork stopped. However, we have been informed that the remaining brickwork will be completed by tomorrow! We are so excited, it looks like a house!!!

Next steps will be all things electrical, and various internal works. Now that we have a roof, the weather should be less of an issue! Here are a few more pictures of the roof progress during the week.