Sunday, August 30, 2009

Purchasing our block

Purchasing the block seemed easier than ever - but a few things first up.

Depending on where you are buying land, the land might only 'register' much later. For instance, our block is nowhere near being completed. The road is not done, there are no street lights, enterences, power connections etc. The blocks of land get snapped up way before they are ready to use.

To buy a piece of 'unregistered' land at the ponds is simple.

1. Put down a $300 depost to say 'Its yours' (this is where we are up to)
- All you need to do this is the money, your address and your solicitors details.

2. In 28 days time, you will need to put down a 5% deposit and exchange contracts with your land vendor.

3. Thats it until the council registers the land (march in our case)

So what do you get before it registers? In essence, you get time. We now have time to find the best house deal, to save up a little more, and to research our dream home and how to fit that into our budget.

Oh and thanks to the government we got a free hand powered torch and a natural wax candle? good to see those tax dollars at work...

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