Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Electrical and land prices

On Friday we ventured out to Newcastle to do our final electrical selections for the house.
This covered, lights, switching, power points, air-con, TV points, phone points, garage fittings, home theater equipment, alarms etc.

Craig was a great help, he had a good knowledge of everything, and being an interior decorator, he had some great idea's. We ended up getting standard light fittings to all areas of the house, that we will replace with down-lights after hand-over to save money. Craig suggested we put in standard lights instead of the pre-wireing for the downlights, so at least the alignment of the lights would be completed before we moved in. We got the basic home theater package which includes many TV outlets, speaker wiring, extra phone and pay tv points and of course a TV aerial. Each item of the home theater pack gets credited back if you dont use it.

Wiring up the light switches was great fun. The application they use makes it very easy to choose what light gets switched from where. We also ended up with an extra aircon zone, so we can make sure we only cool or heat the areas of the house we will be in.

In other news, the prices of land at the ponds has gone through the roof. In some cases, the same size block of land is up 40-60 thousand dollars. Amazing since we only bought a block late last year!

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  1. Hey. Your electrical plan sounds good. I'm just wondering why you had to go to Newcastle for the electrical appointment? Ours is at Bella Vista.