Friday, October 8, 2010

Roof Completed

Another major milestone, our roof is 100% done. Although we haven't seen the final result in person, our lovely neighbours and site supervisor have been keeping us up to date. The whole process took about a week, even with all the rain that poured down. We cant wait to get out here to take a look for ourselves!

The guttering was all completed last week, but
bricks are still not quite completed. We ran out of bricks (twice) which slowed the process down as the brick layers moved on to other jobs. They were scheduled to be completed yesterday, but with all the rain we had during the week, they were too water-logged to continue. In the end, it didn't matter as the roof took over where the brickwork stopped. However, we have been informed that the remaining brickwork will be completed by tomorrow! We are so excited, it looks like a house!!!

Next steps will be all things electrical, and various internal works. Now that we have a roof, the weather should be less of an issue! Here are a few more pictures of the roof progress during the week.

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