Thursday, July 15, 2010

Construction Certificate!

Yes! we have it. We are less than 20 days away from building! (if the weather holds up)

I have all our paperwork done, which includes about no less than 100 pages of certified pages. This is for the first home owners plus our construction loan.

hope to finally put some pictures up soon!!

In the meantime, check out how our land has changed from october '09 to april '10
(the black outline is my guess of which block our is :-) )




  1. hi damian and anna! congratulations on building your new house..

    my husband and i are quite impressed with the photo above. he reckons googlemaps doesn't update that quickly and he's wondering what you used to capture a bird's eye view of your block (given that it's 6 months apart)..


    alanamaree's mum

  2. Hi alanamaree's mum!

    Thanks for the well wishes. There's a great site called nearmap ( where we got the photo's from. They update more often and are higher quality pictures than what google typically offers.

    I cant wait until they snap a new one so I can see the progress again.

  3. Thanks Anna... I hope it stops raining so we'll both see construction going on our sites soon :)

  4. Hey,

    Was looking at the Home Builder Forum and got sidetracked when I saw you were building in Kalina.

    Love the site photos. I think we may be your back fence!

    We are due to start soon, (we have a fence and port-a-loo.)

    Good luck

  5. Hi Arian!

    Good to meet you, I think you might be behind us, we are lot 329. We have already (spoken, not yet met) the neighbors next to us building the wincrest double story. They told us our land was leveled yesterday so it seems like there is a bit of action happening in Kalina. Pity about the weather, I'm not sure how much will get done this week.

    Hopefully we will see you out there soon! we usually pop around on sunday afternoon's - we live far away at the moment.