Friday, July 9, 2010

Through Council.

We are through council. It took about a month, with some complications...

The soil we are building on is high in salinity, which means we needed to include special concrete to stop corrosion etc. McDonald Jones sent the plans back to drafting, and with a 2.7K variation later, the plans were accepted by the council.

The next step is a construction certificate. That should take about 5 days, then about 20 days to start construction!! - Our bank has given the all-clear to commence construction.

There is still a bit of paperwork to be done, but we should have all that cleared up by next week.

McDonald Jones also notified us that our contract time is over time by two months. We had approximately 6 months to start builder or fall into a price increase. Luckily they decided not to pursue the extra change, which is fair enough because we are now ready to roll.

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