Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whose coming for dinner? We're at lockup!

We snuck out on Saturday night to take a look after hearing some gossip that they were installing the kitchen on Saturday morning. We found all the doors and windows firmly sealed. Using my trusty hand-powered torch provided by Landcom, we peered in and found the makings of a kitchen! - We also have a garage door which looks amazing, things are really rolling along quickly, and we are hoping that the "in before christmas" dream is a possibility.

The internal doors are coming along nicely, and they seem to be at least 70% done from what we could see.

Sunday morning rolls on, and after a few early morning purchases (new dining room table, a light fitting and some bar stools) - we snapped some shots of our house in the light. We managed to get one good picture of the kitchen through the dining room window.

The drain pipes have finally attached, we also have a front door, and we promise that both wont be aqua blue, when the house is done...

On a side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your post on my blog. Congrats on your kitchen! Watch out that that trusty torch of yours doesn't get you in the back of a police car! =D
    Thanks for your info - loving cozy fire places (so much more affordable) and about to check out the other. Thanks for the advice!
    Lil Pig