Monday, November 29, 2010


We did our usual rounds on the weekend and found that all our power point, lights and general electrics were mostly completed. This follows a hickup we had earlier in the week. Apparently the carpet we picked in February was unavailable, and the order in ETA was the end of January. Being only weeks off completion, that was not an option. So me made the journey to lockwood carpets at Moorebank and reselected 3 possible choices, to ensure that one would definitely be in stock!

Our experience at lockwood was.... colourful to say the least. Never the less we have a carpet ordered and it will be installed late next week. However, which carpet, is still a mystery.

The home theatre pre-wiring went in, and we had an addition of a tv aerial on our roof. All the doors have been fitted with handles. The lights have been installed with their standard fitting, so once we move in, we will get our own electrician to change them over to downlights and save $$$

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