Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best Christmas present ever. We moved in!

Finally - an update! Its all happened so quickly and we havent had a moment to edit the blog. But here goes...

We did our PCI on the 14th and completed handover the same day! We hired a private building inspector (howard ryan - recommended!) who picked up on a few things here and there, but nothing major, all cosmetic. There were still a few items waiting to be ticked off at that stage but it was easier for us to do the handover on the same day.

So. since the last update, the following has happened:
Bathroom mirrors installed, appliances done (GAS!), a few paint touch ups, aircon control panel (finally) and our home theatre bracket was installed as well.

We were thrilled to see that gas appliances were installed. We accidently signed off on having electric. I enquired about it a few months after when I noticed, but they said it was too late as it had all been ordered. However, much to our suprise, we got gas afterall!

We had our driveway completed yesterday and it looks fanstastic. Internet is installed (very fast!) and our side fence went in last week as well. So at least we have a tiny bit of privacy!

Next big ticket items we need to complete:

- Get blinds! (we have a quote so far)
- Finish unpacking boxes (80% done)
- Complete the fencing (33% done)
- Start on the landscaping (ahhh!)
- Purchase a bit more furnature
- Complete the home theatre

A few notes about the build process.

We had absolutely no idea about building, we came into it complete novices. However now we feel a bit like experts!
The hardest part was getting through and signing off on all the documents, with the bank and with the builder.
I have followed many blogs and found that everyone does have a difference experience, but overall ours was actually enjoyable. Sure you get the odd hickup here and there, but I must admit that McDonald Jones were a pleasure to deal with. We cannot fault them, they produced our house three and a half months earlier than required.

It must be difficult for them as they are completely at mercy to the trades people they contract to perform the work, but they must be doing something right, and when something does go wrong they strive to correct it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Would I build again with them? absolutely.

There is still so much to be done on the house itself. We are just so proud to own our very own home, building better than buying? you bet!

Now there is still some pictures I have to post up of the final product, when I get time to take a few snaps I'll post them up. Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. Congrats guys!! Such a beautiful home!

    I really wish that I were in your shoes but the fact is our land is not registered yet let alone starting the building the project.

    Really happy for you guys tho :) Have a good Christmas and this goes without saying but I'm sure you'll enjoy having the first Christmas in a brand new home! :)

  2. Wow, congratulations guys! I'm so jealous. Our slab was poured the day before yours but we're still waiting and have been told mid Feb which is just over the contracted date of completion.

  3. hi congrats on your new house... looks good.. me and my wife is very keen on bordeoux but on a smart lot in the ponds... talked to McDonald jones and they say it will fit our land with some adjustments...

    i'm just wondering, what is the color of your bricks?

  4. Hi there!
    I'm a radio producer for a show called All The Best on a radio station called FBi (see link below). I've loved reading the blog and wondered if I could talk to you about the process of building your house. Please contact me at ASAP.
    THANKS :)