Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nearing the end

So we are nearing the end of this part of our construction journey. Last weekend we saw all the tiles laid and completed. They still had not been cleaned, but they look fantastic. On monday the aircon went in and the splashback was installed in the kitchen. The splashback is much darker than we remember but still looks good. There is a 900 mil run-off down the sides and look a bit odd, we just thought it would be on the back wall not the sides. The paint has been touched up and should be in top shape.

On friday this week the carpet is due to be installed, the shower screens should have gone in and all other little things completed. We cant wait to see the finished result!

We have an official inspection of the house on the 14th of December, with an anticipated handover of on the 16th or 17th. The only thing that can stop us is the bank! - we have given them all the documentation they require, which includes the final progress payment request, letter stating that the final payment needs to be a cheque, and a copy of our house insurance. The next step is that they will aranage a valuator to visit the property. Once that is done a cheque will be requested and we should be able to pick that up from our local branch.

We will not get the keys until the cheque is handed over, so we are holding thumbs that the bank will be able to process this quickly.

We have also organised our own independant inspector to join us for the pre-handover walkthrough. We hope he will find nothing wrong, but we would like a trained eye to look over everything and make sure it is all OK.

Anna and I are both really excited, we are in the process of packing our things and making plans for the move!

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