Saturday, July 9, 2011

Backyard Make Over

Honestly we had NO idea what the garden would entail and of course we only had the 3 months to complete it so that we could claim our rebate. Ironically those 3 months happened to be the most extreme weather. It was either the hottest days of summer or torrential rain and no matter what the day looked like, when we had a spare moment something was happening.

Once the fences went in all of a sudden we saw just how much fill we needed to get the backyard level. My dad said that we would need 20 tons of back fill and naturally we thought he was crazy but we put 10 tons of back fill in and then another 10 tons of top soil.

Before we spread the top soil, we discovered that land naturally slopes because when our neighbours watered their lawn, it would flood one corner of our yard. We then laid 15 metres of agg pipe that ended up looking like an art work to try and keep the water away from the house.

1 comment:

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