Saturday, July 9, 2011

That is what the backyard looked like when we after hand over, the next step was to put the fences in so that we had some privacy. Our neighbour suggested Easy clip fencing they were a colourbond fence frame and then wood panels that you can slide in and out. They were great when we were landscaping and last much longer than the traditional lap & cap fence. It is my option that they are also tidier than the normal fence.

We completed our landscaping in accordance with our landscape plan so we were able to get our rebate YAY. We still have a lot that we would like to do to the backyard as funds become available, but at this stage we have a cute place to entertain and lots of room for our puppy Joey to run and play.

So here are some before and after photos. We are both really proud of how far it’s come as we did all the landscaping ourselves with the help of some keen family members.

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