Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frame Arrived

Its good to see some progress happening after two weeks of inaction!

We got some pictures from our neighbour and a message to say our frame had arrived, which is good news (thanks guys!) We got an SMS from our builder last week Tuesday to say our frame had arrived, but that ended up being a mistake - not that the SMS's were ever reliable....

So hopefully we will see some action on the frame this week and have some visible results by the weekend :-)


  1. I tried email you some photos. Did you get them?

    We are having issues with our slab so . . . Who knows what is happening for our build. We were originally told March for when our house would be done. Good Luck

  2. Hi Ari,

    No I don't think I did get them? where did you send them to?

    My email is me@damian-andre dot com
    Sorry just trying to avoid spam :)

    Hope everything is going well with your build! we will be out there on Saturday morning.