Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slab Complete

The first major construction milestone has been reached! On saturday we were onsite to witness the pouring of the slab. Many many concrete trucks came and went, and now we have a beautiful slab of smooth concrete, that would make even cadbury jealous.

We weren't around to watch all the wooden frame come off, but it looks like they did a good job. We nearly ran short of concrete on the last bit.

But the concreter managed to squeeze ever centimeter out of the pipes, and we also got a handy donation from another truck that was pouring just down the street. Which is good news, because left over concrete is bad for business (they leave it on your doorstep, as returns are not accepted).

I believe the next step is to let the slab cure, then build up the frame.


  1. Slab looks like it is curing well. I will email you some photos.

  2. yay!

    We haven't been out to see it yet, they haven't done anything while waiting for it to cure. Hopefully the frame will be delivered this week and work will begin. Hopefully!