Monday, August 30, 2010

Frame almost complete

We were out at the house again on saturday, and we were pleased to see some real progress on the frame. It seems as although it is about 80-90% complete, and it should be done either today or Tuesday (31st).
It was good to see the termite barrier (orange stuff) getting put down as well. While we were out there, we met our lovely neighbours behind us, and the neighbours next to them.

We had a great time chatting about our experiences building so far.

Today we had a bit of a turn of events. we shot off a quick text to our site supervisor, to tell him that the frame looks great, and ask when we can expect the bricks to arrive. A few seconds later I got a call from somebody else! Apparently, our site supervisor is no more at McDonald Jones. We never even got to meet him. Anyway, the guy taking over said he needs a few days to familiarise himself with where our old supervisor was at. I just hope this does not mean any delays.

We have already contacted our client liaison to discuss the situation, and to make sure we will not be forgotten about. Hopefully we can expect a brick delivery late this week/early next week. The bricking can then begin, although the weather outlook for later this week is not good. Anyway, here are some pictures of our frame progress.


  1. I hope it does not cause you any delays. It is such a shame he has left the company. I hope your new supervisor is good.

    We emailed the Managing director of our builder and we got a response. He claims they will be fixing all our issues in the next few weeks. I wont hold my breath.

  2. Hello

    We will be out at the block on Saturday. Hope all is going well.